People love the trivia. I do, anyway. And folks often ask me what I'm reading or listening to. Students profess shock that I like Nine Inch Nails. I guess I look like an old fart now.

If I put my iPod list on here, you'd be appalled. But I might.

This is what I'm listening to lately. Nothing deep at all. Just for the idle and curious.

I've been taming the moil of inner horror listening to David Wilcox (thank you, Grace and Clarke). The old stuff I have been enjoying (again) is ancient Tangerine Dream. And Midnight Oil (YEAH). And, to replece the horror and pain that Wilcox erased, I bouth all the re-jiggered Joy Division albums. And I am still loving Siouxsie's amazing solo album. And I'm still rocking out to REM and Raconteurs.

New stuff: B-52's, Adrian Belew live, The Black Keys, Black Mountain, Jack Bruce and Robin Trower, Gnarles Barkley, Nine Inch Nails, Johnette Napolitano, Vampire Weekend.

That's this week's playlist, music fans.

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