Tony Flags--Close Personal Friend
The cat's out of the bag. Yesterday and today, a flurry of Mexican and Spanish newspapers and entertainment blogs flashed the story that Antonio Banderas was signed to star in, yes, The Hummingbird's Daughter. So there you have it. As Devo once titled an album: Now It Can Be Told!

It's funny. The stories all cite me as "the Mexican." My enemies will see vast Beaner conspiracies in that. But yoiu and I know that for most of my life, the Mexicans have thought of me as "the gringo," "the pocho," or the border-dweller, or some other non-Mexican thing. Ha ha. I guess the hype machine needs me to be Mexican this week.

I said it about "illegals" in other places--if you have something the USA wants, they find a way to give you immunity from prosecution. Well, if you have something Mexico wants, they suddenly embrace you. So don't mess with me. I am The Mexican!

I also must smile for purely selfish erasons. Let's say you thought you were going to marry a Mexican woman once upon a time. her family ahd a real sense of, oh you know, money and status. And what it that woman abandoned you in your darkest hour because she felt you didn't have enough, oh, money or status. I laughed out loud when I realized what the newspaper rattling at their breakfast table must have been like today.

Luis Mandoki, make a beautiful movie. Treat my Teresita well. And Banderas--grow an awesome mustache.


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