Stupid Happy Mother's Day Catastrophe
Here's one for immigrant haters! Rain all night We got up and had a calm happy Sunday/Mother's Day morning. Cinderella made about 500 banana bread loaves which I'm not supposed to eat. She went upstairs for a nap.And Eric moseyed down tothe bsaement to drum. "Dude," he called. "Basement's flooded." I yelled, in irritated dad mode, "What do you mean, FLOODED?" He said: "Like, flooded. Completely flooded." I dashed down there and the basement was flooded. Hours of swamping and moving water to the drain hole. Everything soaked and wrecked. Poor Cindy out of her nap and into the water. When we walked, there were actually waves. Called the plumber: billion dollar repair job. Now, dig this: I am having two bathrooms put it. And I'm sending C to Seattle to see her mom and take her to Alaska. Uh, and I am going to try to dive across country this summer paying--oh--$11.98 per gallon. Sump pump's dead, and the back-up's dead. Why? because the lawn guys--damned Mexicans!-- moved the sump-pump discharge pipe out of the way and didn't put it back, and the pump has been pumping water back into itself till it blew up! Call the Minutemen! And call Jerry Lewsi, because I'm going to need a telethon. Oh, well, what's money for? And, you know, it isn't a tornado or a cyclone. And Eric and I had a swell time bonding underwater.

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