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I don't know what this means, but I made the 50 Most Influential Chicago Writers List again. Uh. Am I a Chicago writer? That fascinates me, since I have been listed as a San Diego writer, a Tijuana writer, a Mexican, a Mexican-American, a Chicano, an American writer in Europe and Asia, a Colorado author, a Louisiana writer, a Western writer. I guess, though, if you live and work in a place, that's where you're from.

So, like, I didn't get in the top ten. But, um, let's see, I'm in the top twenty. I feel like The Electric Prunes looking up the charts at the Beatles. Still, I will admit a deep thrill. I love stuff like being on top twenty lists! What a hack I am! What a dork! (And every writer on earth who gets on these lists checks the names that scored higher with envy and chagrin, and the names that scored lower with profound rejoicing and arrogance.)

I'm #16. Maybe I can get a football jersey made and that can be my official writer number. I think it went up from the last time I was on the list.

Wasn't it Eeyore who said: "This writing business. Quite boring. Pencils and such."

Next blog post will have nothing to do with writing, or immigration. Trivia! Stupid pointless trivia! Because it's fun.

I'm not even writing right now--just reading pop novels and watching The Deadliest Catch on cable. Yeah, Skipper Sig! Yeah, Captain Phil! Yay, Captain Johnathan! Eric and I even bought baseball caps with the name of one of the crab boats so we can pretend we're crew members!

And I am wearing me masked wrestler shirt Grace and Clarke sent me.

Although it is all writing--if you are a wen-fu writer--there's no writing going on here at all. Just cats, dogs, kids, wrestling, Joy Division, monster movies, fishermen, gardens, housework, rainstorms, Obama/Clinton/McCain, reading, bird feeders, fan mail, loading 7,000 songs in the iPods for the summer trip. But no writing.

Yeah, right.

The Electric Prune

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