Playlist II
Where's my Busta Rhymes? Where the heck is my Busta Rhymes!!! Has anybody seen my BUSTA RHYMES?

I have enjoyed hearing from you about what you listen to. (Don't end sentences with a preposition.) Sarah suggested I should listen to The Dresden Dolls, but check out the "D" section, pal.

Here goes one last bit o' trivia. I like stuff like this. I like looking at my friends' cd/record/dvd/book collections. So thumb through my iPod.


Dando Shaft; Dandy Warhols; Daniel Lanois; The Darkness; Daughtry; Dave Brubeck; Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich; Dave Harris; Dave Matthews; David Bowie; David Wilcox; The db's; Dead Can Dance; Dead Kennedys; Deae Meadow; The Dead Milkmen; Dead or Alive; Deaf School; Dean Elliott; The Dears; Death Cab for Cutie; The Decemberists; Deep Purple; Deerhoof; Deftones; Department of Crooks; Depeche Mode; Descendents; Detroit Junior; DEVO; DeVotchKa; Dianne Revves; Dick Hyman; Die Krupps; Dinah Washington; Dinosaur Jr.; Dire Straits; Divinyls; Dizzy Gillespie; Does It Offend You, Yeah?; Don Gibson; Donovan; The Doors; Dread Zeppelin; Dream Sybndicate; Dream Theater; The Dresden Dolls; Drive-By Truckers; Dropkick Murphys; Duke Ellington.


Earl Bostic; Echo & the Bunnymen; Eddie Beram; Eddie Cochran; Eddie Floyd; Edesio; Edith Piaf; Editors; Edwin Star; Ekome; El Gran Silencio; Electrafixion; The Electric Prunes; Elton John; Elvis Costello; Elvis Presley; Ely Guerra; Emerson Lake and Palmer; Eminem; The English Beat; Ennio Morricone; Enrique Bunbury; Entrance; Eric Gales; Esquivel; Eugene Ormandy; Eurythmics; The Exies.


Faith No More; Farley Jackmaster Funk; Fatboy Slim; Faust; Fear; The Feelies; The Feeling; Feist; Fergie; Fevertree; The Fields; Fields of the Nephilim; Final Fantasy; Fish; The Flaming Lips; Fletcher Henderson; The Flower Kigs; Focus; Foo Fighters; Frank Sinatra; Frank Zappa; Frankie Lane; Franz Ferdinand; The Fratellis; Fraternity of Man; The Fray; Fred Lowrey; Front 242; Frost; Fuel; Fujiya & Miyagi; Funkadelic; Futurhythm.

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