Saturday Surprise
As we pack up to hit the road, I got an unexpected e-mail from my pal Rohn Trieglaff in California. Apparently The Devil's Highway has become the #1 non-fiction best-seller in San Diego this week. That doesn't often happen for a book that is, let's face it, four years old. I told you something was happening out there. Must be my Father's Day present from The Great Beyond...or The Great Right Here. Tonight, as I grimly sit through the three hours of Chayo's first "ballet" recital with 1,000 moms, I will tell myself this over and over: #1 best seller in your hometown. #1 best seller in your hometown. Hope all the old gang sees that! #1 best seller....

Yes. And I got a warm e-mail from another of Teresita's great-granddaughters. The medicine is strong right now.

Think I'll listen to Louis Armstrong sing "Pennies from Heaven." I always see the eternal when I hear that song and that voice.

See you at Stuckey's in Nebraska--I'll buy you a pecan log.

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