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You will notice the front page of the website mutatting. It's like The Wolfman--changing right before your eyes! Well, the Web Goddesses are busy remaking into a newer, sleeker, redesigned vacation spot. Think of it as our redoing the bathrooms in your condo.

The color scheme will change, so good-bye red. You'll have the blog on the front page, and the calendar and photos (new ones--lots of new onse). On the left will be a column of all my books. And we just got permission to post the cover of Into the Beautiful North (April 2009), so you'll see it here first. I'm hoping we can just have you click on a book cover to go to info on that book.

The old and way way way out-dated "Teresita" section is gone. It will probably be replaced with Teresita/Hummingbird's Daughter photo archive and a newer more interesting piece of writing. If we can get around to it. Perhaps later, we can use it as a movie tie-in section, I don't know. When I get done with Hummingbird II, I think Cinderella will allow me to finally publish my massive teresita bibliography. That way, the snarky professor types who think I made all this happy crappy up can read 'em and weep. And write lots of PhD papers.

I'm making some other changes around here--like AUDIO. That's right. I have hundreds of hours of readings, interviews, spoken word, and blather. You ought to hear it if you want to. That'll be here in a while.

Finally, and of GREAT CONCERN to the Community at the site: Comments. People want to comment! All you Cabora Saints. (Grace and Clarke could design a t-shirt for you diehards.) But I'm sick of psychos, racists, anonyms w/ bizarre agendas, hackers and chickenheads. So here's what we're gonna do: REGISTERED COMMENTS SECTION. If we have to, we'll monitor the section too. Because there are naughty naughty boyz'n'gurlz out there who want to hurt people's feelings and insult Mexicans/me/my kids/my dead parents/the Border Patrol/ Fishtrap/my books/you. Once peeps are registered, they can say what they want to when they want to. And when Joe Anonym attacks, we can ban him. Then he can cook up another false identity and he can say some other evil thing about killing filthy Beaners, and we can ban him again. Gosh, what fun.


The community can reform and chat and get to it.

I'm also bringing back the artwork--watch for Urrealism drawings and paintings and collages and whatever.

So watch this space.

We are still getting about 200 visitors a day, not counting multiple stops by the same person(s). Upwards of 6,000 a month. Pretty good, since I don't even have a new book out. (Of course, always remember: before we get too excited about this, we must remember that gets 2 million a month!) Anyway, both Devil's H and Hummingbird have gone way beyond 100,000 copies each, so thank you & I send you a big big beso en los labios. Even you guys.

By the way, speaking of new books, The Devil's Highway just came out in Italian; The Hummingbird's Daughter just came out in Chinese. HOW COOL IS THAT???

"Wastelander II," w/ illustrations, will be up this weekend.

I'm listening to Van der Graaf Generator, much to alarm and discomfort of my family!


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