The Chicken-Heads Attack!
What--did something happen?

Sorry it took a while for the computer team to piece the website back together and root out the virus the li'l terrorists put on it.

I don't deal with the chicken-headed sons of Pazuzu, the locust god of Gehenna. Or their unsigned cyber-insults. But apparently one of them got big entertainment out of posting naughty naughty japes about me, my Fishtrap workshops, and even my dad on the blog. As you have seen, you loyal readers, these warriors are always, without fail, anonymous. Very brave.

Then, get this! Google and my web-designer in Seattle track down a virus! Put on my website! And their investigation shows that it came in, wait for it--via the comments section of the blog! DOH! What rascals these chickenheads are!

Here's the really creative part that echoes the alleged Pazuzu musings of my anonymous pal: the virus was designed to hurt you if you came here to look at my words. Yes!!!

Knock me down 100 times. I will get back up 101 times.

Imagine the squalid and cat-piss scented little souls in which these demon-buggered sons and daughters dwell. It's sad, really. To live without a name, without any talent of your own, without any way to get attention but to throw doo-doo and wee-wee on the walls, and to occasionally drop a brick off a dark overpass into the windshield of a passing car, hoping that someone who is actually going somewhere will be hurt or killed.

If you pray, pray for them. But remember what The Good Book says: you shall know them by the fruits they bear.

I have a name.

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