Donkeys, Bulls, Chickens, Dogs
Colorado, at Tony & Pam's donkey rancho/Bella Luna Books outpost. Goldfinches, bluebirds, grosbeaks and, but of course, hummingbirds.

Do you remember the 80s superstar rock band, Quarterflash? We spent the last week at Fishtrap with those guys. Rindy, the singer, is in fine rare voice. Just amazing. Marv Ross, her husband and main songwriter, is writing excellent new stuff. You ought to get their CDs as The Rosses--"Bliss" is really really nice.

Five weeks on the road. 6,100 miles. Forest fires, floods, tornadoes, sea otters, bears, appalling car wrecks, horseback rides, deer, eagles, rock stars, lost loves and old friends, snow, heat waves, guns, fireworks, bad food, Indian ruins, hikes, friendly bulls, buffalo, ostriches, zebras, bighorns, sea caves, John McCain, driftwood, dragonflies, mile long trains, cowboys.

I will start posting Wastelanders when we get "home." Home. Hmm. My heart doesn't live there.

See ya. L

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