From the Web-Goddesses:
As regular readers know, this blog has been recently hijacked by an "anonymous" commenter who insists on getting into tussles with other comment contributors. This suits neither the purpose nor the spirit of this blog.

You know what we tell the kids: "If you can't play nice together, than nobody gets to play at all ..."

So we've made the command decision to disable the comments section of the blog for the time being. You can always reach Luis directly through the contact link. And if you are bitterly unhappy, you can vent to us through the webmistress link there, as well.

We may decide at a later date to re-open the comment section, but will most likely enable it to only registered users to prevent this sort of skirmishing. We like a good clean debate as much as the next person, but sheesh ... name-calling is so inappropriate here.

Now, scoot along and find another sandbox to tussle in.

Everybody else: Let us know if you like the ability to comment, if it adds anything to your enjoyment of the blog, or if you'd just as soon bag the whole thing!

Thanks for your time. Enjoy the cool things to come from Luis in the next few posts!

Urrea's Web-Goddesses

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