Mad Max, Phone Home
Seattle. Huh. Slept through breakfast. $75 gas, half-tank. 4,209.5 miles. Half-way through first leg of summer Road Warrior journey. After Seattle: Wallowa, Oregon for Fishtrap. Wend our way back to Chi. Eat oatmeal and hit the treadmill for a couple of weeks, and off for New England and DC. I have kept 144 pages of notes so far. Otters, eagles, fires, McCain, Hollywood,, ocean. forest, dinosaurs, Route 66. Have been editing the new novel on the road, will send it to Little,Brown from Wallowa. Expect it in Spring '09. Thwe cover's already done. I'm tired, though. My feet hurt, and my back hurts. Still, I never want to come home. How about you meet me for coffee and poems in a cabin on a rocky point above the sea in, say, Gualala California? Up where it's cold and foggy. Where Bigfoot stops by for English muffins and jam.... When we stop for a week at Fishtrap, I will begin sending you Wastelanders. I'll be teaching the mornings, and working on the book/writing in the afternoons. Oops. The kids are waking up. I'm signing off now. Adios, buckaroos--see ye out on the trail.

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