I'm BAAACK in the Saddle Again
Sorry, I'm back. Your long vacation from my posts has ended, y'all. I have stacked up Wastelanders sitting here. I don't know what I have. Pictures and tall tales. I have enjoyed all of our many meetings out there--Santa Barbara, Solana Beach, Fishtrap, Boston, Bread Loaf, American University in DC. I have met and talked to hundreds of you this summer--thousands since this insane Perpetual Speaking Tour (it's no longer a book tour) began. Mo' comin' right away. Check the schedule to see if I'll be in your town. I still feel like a bar band going from town to town, playing "Slow Ride" and "Day of the Eagle." Only I'm making a lot more money. But I kinda wish I had a bus. That way, I could write more Wastelanders! Maybe I'm Wllie Nelson's lost son, doomed to hit to road till I drop.

So watch here for Wastelanders III-IX. New website stuff is building up in the Bat Cave. New author's pix, new audios, new sketches, new features. So much is going on, I just have to find a way to keep my head on straight.

By the way, the Chinese and French Hummingbirds just arrived. Both are beautiful. The movie pre-production start-up date is Nov. 1. Into the Beautiful North is at the publisher, and the manuscript is making the Hollywood rounds. Hummingbird starts filming in March, and the book comes out that same time. I just finished my sick story for the new Phoenix Noir anthology. And I just had a birthday. Wow. Could things be better?

Well, yes--I could have gotten a year younger rather than a year older, but you know--you work with what ya got.`

I have to go do my daily rounds 'cause I'm a roadrunner, baby.

Ever Yrs., L

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