Tornado Warning
We're waiting to see if we blow to Oz tomight!

A quick note before the twister hits: today, we delivered the final, all edited, all done, 100% ready to roll last draft of Into the Beautiful North! Yay. Now it's in the publishers' and the movie mavens' hands. As promised, as soon as the new site design for this website goes up, you'll see the cover first. (Available April 2009.)

But...the work is not over...a major photography project/show/book is surfacing. I think I'll do it. It'll keep me busy till Hummingbird II starts. Soon.

I was meaning to post "Wastelander II" today (Monday) but we got caught up in ITBN delivery and website stuff and Cinderella wasn't feeling great and I'm a dunce, so don't know how to post it. It will be here tomorrow. Can you take it? There are nine (IX) chapters. Probably too much of a good thing.

We'll be going off to Vermont & D.C. on Saturday, so I'll try to get two Wastelanders up for you this week.

Except for the cicadas, it's very quiet outside.

Listen for the sirens--

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