I have the Wastelanders all set for you. Since time is so tight now, I might go ahead a post them two at a time. Lots of reading for you, patient reader.

I've also asked for the Comments section to come back. So you can all get back to commenting.

I leave on Wed. for Cal Poly. I get home and then leave for the Ragdale Foundation dinners. Scott Turow will be there--I've met him at the Rock Bottom Remainders gigs and suppers, though he rarely says anything to me. But Richard Russo will be there! Oh yeah! And the beloved and wild Jane Hamilton. This week, I was at Texas Tech. I got to dig into the William Curry Holden archives while there, in between speaking engagements. I got loads of new Teresita materials. Like, $182 worth of Xeroxes. I think the staff was happy to see me leave. When I got home, I had to attend the ALA's banned books reading. I signed a book and left it for the goddess, Sara Paretsky. My stack of Hummingbirds was cleaned out fast, so Cinderella and I made our way back out of the city, attending to the mom'n'pop duties.

NEWS: I have mentioned before that my story, "Bid Farewell to Her Many Horses," has had a good life on NPR's Selected Shorts radio broadcasts. Well, now there's a cd available of the readings. I hope you get it. My pal Sherman Alexie has a story on there, and there's an Ursula Le Guin story there, too. It's kind of an audio old home week for me. The cd is called For Better or Worse. It's available at their website. symphonyspace.org.

The Spanish translation of my new one, Into the Beautiful North, is 99 pages in. The Urrea Factory keeps cranking it out. But smoke is starting to come out of the top of my head.

See you in San Luis Obispo,

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