For Trivia Buffs Only
I was lucky enough to have a feature on my free-handing compositional interests (writing in a journal as much as possible) in the new issue of Stylus magazine. I was slightly chagrined to see how many $3,000 pens they lovingly photograph in there, since I basically write with a supermarket G2 plastic pen! But I did mention I had a jones for the old Rotring Core monster pen. But I was way out of my fancy-pen league. As a side note: you can snicker at the ghastly author picture. Not that it's a bad photo--it's not. My photographer is skilled and wonderful. It' I look like somebody's hard-drinking degenerate swinger grandma. I keep telling myself I look like, oh, Bullitt, or maybe, you know, Jack White or somebody. But, no. More like the demented Mrs. Paddlegate, the nude escapee from the Bluebonnet Rest Home.

But my heart is pure and I'm a good kisser.

See ya,

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