Ho, Ho, Ho
my heart
so oddly at ease
Twelfth Month


It's snowing again. It's a white Christmas in Chicago. So many sorrows and worries under a thick silent tide of white.

I want to thank you for a good year. It was a bit exhausting--but any year that sees a hundred thousand miles of travel and speaking is gonna wear ya out a little. I did so many events, and I went so many places, that I can't remember where I've been! Almost everywhere--everywhere--you were kind to me and welcoming. No one could ask for more.

I have enjoyed e-mails and messages from Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Iraq, India, Iceland, Siberia, Chile, Mexico, Germany. I was lucky enough to meet several of my writing heroes this year, and delighted to hook up with newer pals met on the long writer road over the last few years. I've been to DC, Vermont, Virginia, Indiana, South Carolina, California, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Kansas, New Hampshire, Michigan, Wisconsin and...and...I can't remember where I've been!

So I'm grateful this winter. And I know none of it could have happened without you, Dear Reader. So thank you. And I hope you have a safe, warm, generous holiday.

We'll post the last three Wastelanders here in the next few days, and the cover of Into the Beautiful North will make its debut after New Year's Day.

Yrs., L

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