A Writer's Meditation
We are here to express our unique version of life, to say, "This being, this me, is part of Life." Just the way that pine tree gives off its pine scent and says, "I'm not an oak tree or a pig. I'm a pine tree; get used to it."

--Neil Fiore


I really like that quote. It isn't just useful for writers to remember that. For a while there, I was getting weird-bombs on the blog, all those good people reminding me that I was a pig, not a pine tree. Made me not want to keep the personal note we've established here. So I backed off a bit--stopped posting the "Wastelander" series, as some of you have noted. I have been doing other, hidden internet stuff with a group of writers, and Cinderella pointed out that it has taken a lot of energy away from this website.

So, barring "Wastelander VI," which was about the difficulty in returning home (San Diego) for book tour--I can just imagine the bad mojo that might inspire, and really, who wants to read it anyway--I have a few chapters of 08's series left that I did not post.

Think I will. If you don't know the Wastelanders, they're in the blog archive. It's a form of prose-sketching I invented for myself on the road. Kind a a mix of Kerouac's sketches and Basho's haibun. Maybe. I find it supple and fun, and I hope you do too. I did, though, post tour haiku for a couple of weeks, and those felt like fun, too. I plan to not only do a Wastelander book, or books, but I'm preparing a couple of poetry manuscripts, and one of them is haiku. So the website has been extremely positive this year, in spite of cyber-terrorists.

Watch, then, for "Wastelander VII."

But I won't post it today.

I am not an oak tree or a pig...or a pine tree either. Wish I were an aspen. Am probably a rhino.
Ludwig Aethelbert Urias

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