Brief Note
Back under ice after a quick jaunt to Denver for the librarians' national hoedown. I think it went well--the first glance of Into the Beautiful North. We distributed over 100 signed copies. I was quite moved by the general enthusiasm. All right--I lost my iPod and Bose headphones in the friggin' hotel, and they said I didn't. There's a maid at the Magnolia feeling really happy today! Or her kid is. Hope he likes Bob Dylan and rock in Spanish. So I guess I'm not all that damned delighted.

I want to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity--for the laughter and tear the librarians generously showered on my breakfast talk, and for the fine good time we all had together. Next stop: Salt Lake, followed by San Diego. With a couple of classes in between.

Gonna be a long dull bunch of flights with no music!

PS movie folks are apparently reading the new book this week. But if you have followed this blog long, you know how full of beans the whole movie thing really is. Still, you know--Salma? I NEED AN IPOD!

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