Nifty Tidbit
Got a note from Cinco Puntos Press, my pal Bobby Byrd's fine publishing house in El Paso. (They published my Six Kinds of Sky, Ghost Sickness, and the book of photos/poetry, Vatos.) Anyway--Bobby's about to launch a graphic novel of one of my stories, Mr. Mendoza's Paintbrush. We will be posting the cool cover here very soon. Watch for it!

But the funny news was that Fox apparentl has a new show called Lie to Me. Or is it called, Tell Me a Lie. Uh...there's lying in the title! They are going to be using VATOS as some kind of prop on the set, and might even use a VATOS promo poster on the set! Ah, the high life.

Back in the real world, we are under a blizzard watch. We've been shoveling for days. I'm here trying to get my syllabi done for class. But hoping, just like my third grader, for a snow day!

See you in Tucson, Salt Lake City, Denver, San Diego. Can't wait.

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