Rock On
The teenage rock and roll dream comes true. The mighty Sidewinders allowed me to use their great song, "Bad Crazy Sun" in The Devil's Highway. Then Calexico cut "Across the Wire." (See below.) Then Eric Holland cut "The Devil's Highway" and "Teresita" on two separate CDs. Then my BLOOD Shawn Phillips did the musical soundtrack to the Hummingbird's Daughter audiobook, and is releasing his own "The Devil's Highway" on his new live album. Then the punk godfathers, Squirtgun, recorded their own "Across the Wire" on their hot new live CD.

It can't get any better than this. Except IT JUST DID.

Hello, Bain Ennis, folk/bluegrass shaman of the southwest. He has recorded a video of his awesome new track, also called "The Devil's Highway," and it's posted on Youtube. I am so moved and grateful for all this Art flying around. Check it:

God Bless the Singers.
Ever Yrs., L

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