Thunder Road
All right--I'm on my way. Back on the road again; though I get weary and start to complain, I think I belong out there. We ought to get a tour bus. Too bad about all the bad chili, though.

I'll be going to Tucson, then to Silver City, NM. If you're anywhere near there, I hope I see you. We're renting a car and doing some atomic desert driving to get around out there. Fly home Monday night. Teach Tuesday. Get back out to NYC for meetings. Followed by gigs in Kansas, back in Chi, in Pasadena, in L.A. Then book tour really begins, in our beloved Kankakee, Illinois!

Cinderella and I will be keeping up a stream of twitter...uh...tweets? Is that what they call 'em? Twits, twerps, whatever those are, we're doing them. If you want to come along on the adventures between now and August, join me on at Urrealism. (Snappy handle, innit?)

We'll probably toss up some pix for you here.

See you soon.

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