25 Things I Love About Pasadena
1. Every single person we met on the street or in shops or restaurants and at the big event was incredibly warm and friendly.

2. The librarians rock!

3. The library is amazing.

4. Vroman's Bookstore.

5. The mayor!

6. Raul and the Salinas family and their kids and friends.

7. Palm trees.

8. The new convention center is a marvel.

9. Inside the convention center, they have these inflatable white stars that look like jellyfish until the lights come on and the air warms and expands and they swell up.

10. Across the street from the convention center is a fancy grocery store that I can't remember the name of that is so deluxe and delish that I wish I could shop there every day. And they make good coffee, too. And see #1--nice people in there.

11. The astounding Virgen de Guadalupe tile portrait in the Mijares restaurant.

12. Mijares.

13. The town is very pretty.

14. Sunshine!

15. I do NOT in ANY WAY love the semi-nude Englishwomen all around the hotel pool!

16. Fountains in courtyards.

17. The Latino community and history and culture.

18. The mountains.

19. The clouds on the mountains like little cowboy hats.

20. The Pasadena PIO!

21. All my new Yaqui friends who came to say hello.

22. When they had a meeting to discuss The Hummingbird's Daughter, a hummingbird flew into the room.

23. Right before one of the moderators of talks about The Hummingbird's Daughter got the phone call to ask her to do it, her copy of the book flew off her shelf and fell on the floor.

24. The students and faculty at Pasadena Community College.

25. The hip-hop kids in their gangsta outfits in the elevator at the mall with us were hysterically funny--and they knew it. See #1.

I could write more.

Gracias, Pasadena. I'll see you soon on the Into the Beautiful North tour at Vroman's! We want to move out there and settle in....

Loyally, L

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