"Love will lead us, she will lead us...." --Live

Thanks to all the kind people who have commented, twitted, written e-mails about Pasadena/Easter/immigration/working out/Kansas/the garden. Kindness is everywhere.

Thanks to the rain that has charged the chrysanthemums and made them explode.

Thanks to our trainer, Nicki Anderson--even my sweatpants are too big.

Thanks to Mary Oliver for her new book, and Charles Wright for his new book, and to Robertr Sullivan for his generous and amazing new Thoreau book. Thanks to Thoreau.

Thanks to books.

Thanks to Prince for plugging in his guitar and taking his Jimi/Santana/Funkadelic pill on his new CD.

Thanks to the wild turkey that refuses to leave our block and chases off the squirrels--I'd rather have the turkey eat the bird seed, yo!

Thanks to Little,Brown for making Into the Beautiful North so insanely beautiful--I can't wait till you hold it in your hands.

Thanks to the readers, bookstore owners, book reps, book buyers and Twitterers who are saying such good things about it.

Thanks to Luis Mandoki for filming The Hummingbird's Daughter.

Thanks to the chickadees, cardinals, robins, juncos, mourning doves already starting to haunt my garden.

Thanks to the Border patrol who taught me new ways to write.

Thanks to the human rescuers who take water to the dying in the desert.

Thanks to my cat--she never fails to bring comfort in sad hours.

Thanks to my memories, even the bad ones: no poetry without memory.

Thanks to poetry.

Thanks to lost loves, many of whom find me on the internet and I try to live up to the love you once tried to give me when I was panicky as a skunk trapped in a kitchen. I am sending you flowers.

Thanks to skunks.

Thanks for this day; thanks for Easter; thanks for Spring; thanks for my family; thanks for my ass-kicking iPod with all the kickin' tunes; thanks, thanks, thanks.

The greatest form of prayer is one word: THANKS.

"It's all right, all right, it's all right--she moves in mysterious ways...." U2

I'm gone like c oool breeze, baby. See you out there in America.

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