My Life in High Fashion
Hmm. Let's see. Elle magazine. Ah, yes--skinny women in underwear! And, some more underwear. And some kind of teddy deal with lace fringe, and--OH! Undewear. No, wait, maybe that's a bathing suit. (Whoa--I didn't know they made girdles anymore...with those clips for nylons...brings back memories, ahem.) When, suddenly, we spring to PAGE 166! The section called "TRUST US."

They say, of Into the Beautiful North, "Heartbreakingly, Urrea relates the quixotic quest of a young shopgirl to find a few men up north to rescue her man-depleted town--Magnificent Seven style--from marauding bad guys."

Thanks, Elle. Especially for that nasty long-line girdle. I mean, for that kind and generous review.

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