The Newness
Home after all that travel (see post below), I have been focusing on teaching at UIC. But I have a lot of projects. I feel like a really old Epson computer with too many programs running at once and my rickety disk drive is starting to whine a little. Smells hot.

My El Paso piece in Playboy (many of you followed the updates on Twitter) is all designed and looks great. They used my friend David Taylor's pictures--they even (duh, it's Playboy) found a female Border Patrol agent. Hmmm. I hear she is amused by the fact that she can boast she was featured in Playboy. "The Girls of Federal Law Enforcement"??? Anyway, the piece will run in November, so husbands can finally be telling the truth when they say they're buying it for the articles.

The Hummingbird's Daughter alleged movie is murky to me. Maybe it's happening, maybe it's not. That's why you have movie agents--the Hollywood thing is so strange as to beggar belief. If you watch Entourage on HBO, you know what it's like.

By the way, speaking of David Taylor, I am writing the intro to his book of Border Patrol photgraphy. He has put in over 700 hours with the USBP. The book will be a revelation.

I am also writing the new preface to the reissue (YES!) of Across the Wire. Anchor Books is redesigning and redoing my po' ol' first book--at last. It'll look all fresh, and it will finally have some new blurbage and a new cover and an update. I am very excited about that.

I have to write a short essay on "Revelation" for PEN, have to rent a tux, have to write some book reviews, have to edit some of Devil's Highway for the new Norton antho, and have to get ready to hit the road again. DC, TX, Arkansas, right here in Chi-town, CA--all kinds of events.

So! Busy as usual! Oh...and I'm writing Hummingbird II. Yup. I actually started it. Hard to believe, but I'm writing it.

My garden's shot, man--I haven't had time to do anything to it this year. Still, the daisies were huge, and the sweet alyssum went crazy, and the Mexican sunflowers were a miracle. The wild turkey even came back.

Found hawk feathers all over my lawn. Must be a harbinger of something or other.

Miss you. I'll see you out there. Or here. Or on Twitter.


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