On the Road Again
Right, you lot! Time to stop all this muckin' about and get on the plane!

I am on my way to Los Altos, CA to have a friendly breakfast with 200 new pals. It's one of those overnight trips, so my bag is blessedly light. Underpants and a necktie. Why be fussy? Get back tomorrow, finish a book review for Washington Post, get up early for yet another breakfast bash at De Paul U. Rush to work, teach, home. Get busy on stories. (I am writing Hummingbird II right now! Yes! The start is good, but you know how Teresita and Tomas are--we have hundreds of pages to go.) (I am also working on the new intro to the revised Across the Wire coming from Anchor, and the intro to David Taylor's new book of Border Patrol photographs, and I just helped Ilan Stavans cut the opening section of Devil's H to fit into the new Norton he's editing. Etc. Mucho trabajo.) Then, on Saturday, we will be off for Washington DC where I'll get the great opportunity to speak about revelation for PEN. Ugh....a tux. Oh well. I always feel like James Bond once I get it on.

The Perpetual Book Tour, Phase 100, is lighter than in years past. But, you know, schools are discovering they have a little more $ than they thought they ahd in this melt-down and are starting to scramble again. Now, I speak about Devil's H, then Beautiful North, and then Hummingbird...about in that order. I suspect that, for a moment, it'll be Across the Wire. Then, when the graphic novel (Mr. Mendoza's Paintbrush, from Cinco Puntos P) comes out, it'll be that--Christopher Cardinale (the artist) and me making the rounds. Or some mutation of all of the above.

Oh yeah--there's that Playboy story on El Paso in November.

So things are good. I'm pretty busy, but not weeping blood like I was last year. Basically, trying to write you the best book you ever read. That's what I'm always hoping to do.

I've got blisters on me fingers!
Lucius Aethelbert Urias of the Spanish Visigoths

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