And Boy Are My Arms Sore
Just flew in from Oregon. (Rimshot. Thank you, Ladies and Gennermen.) The general blitz has now abated. Where'd I go? I don't remembere. I was in Northern CA, and I was in Kentucky, and I was in Boston and I was in D.C. The Eugene library event was amazing and slightly cosmic, with folks whispering in my ear as they came by for a hug after the talk. I get hugged a lot. As a correlative, I get kissed a lot too. Nice job if you can get it. I also get photographed a lot with my arm around someone--well, a woman--that I don't know. There must be 1,000 senior prom pix of me with people I don't know huggin' in out. I wonder what Cinderella thinks of that. I'd better not look at Facebook too much.

So much I want to get to! So much to do around here at the website! And writing...gee. Remember when I wrote books? Wasn't that cool?

I have a few things left on my plate in '09: Arkansas, and Austin, TX.

The rest is teaching and trying to get some quality time on Hummingbird II. Whatever it will end up being called. We call it Queen of America right now, but that's not going to cut it.

OK, amigos. I have to go to work. UIC is waiting patiently for me to return. But I will spend more time with you here with new blog projects and Hummingbird updates. Check out the new PHOENIX NOIR. It got a starred review from Publishers Weekly, and they singled out my humble story! Funny, but INTO THE BEAUTIFUL NORTH didn't get a star, and it's 40 times better than my li'l mystery story. Just goes to show, you can't believe the hype, or the non-hype. Go with what you love. Damn the torpedos!

See you here soon.

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