Sunday, Sunday, Sundayyy!
See Nitro-Fueled Funny Cars on Sunday! See the Wreckasaurus Giant Fire Breathing Tractor EAT Old Cars on Sunday! See triple-engine rails pull quarter-mile wheelies at 200 mph on SUNDAY!!!!

Or stay home and clean the kid's room and go grocery shopping and write on the computer all day. On Sunday!!!!

I'm banging away at Hummingbird's Daughter II. Any suggestions for a title? Eh? And I am pretty much done with the intro for Across the Wire revised. Yay. Almost done with the intro to David Taylor's book. Yay. And looking at the poems, seeing how they play out, sifting them into a couple of mighty juicy books. Yay. (Haiku, natch, and a general collection.) I have letters of recommendation, an endless tide of requests, and book blurbs, an even more endless tide of demands. Plus class work. trying to get this out of the way before SUNDAY Nov. 1, when I will see you at the Texas Book Festival in Austin. Though thos assholes at UT Austin came after me with a job offer I didn't ask for! See them schmooze us in the back seat of a car! See them offer me a killer job "made for me" for which I am "the right choice at the right time!" See them tell me not to even bother to apply--just send resume and they would "do the rest"! See them wait four months of utter silence then tell me someone better got the job! On SUNDAYYYY!!!!

Ha. It's all a game. Vanity, vanity...and illusion. I'm playing a better game than the English department game right now. U cant touch this!

I look forward to seeing you in TX, amigos. Except the UTA folks--you can stay home.


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