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My Life in Porn: many nice comments have come in about my cover story in the November (Marge Simpson) Playboy. Thanks, all. It was an amazing El Paso/Juarez jaunt, as those Twitter followers who read my micro dispatches know. You always hate to have your prose trimmed, and the magazine cut out some eccentric stuff to make room for data and quotes backing the story. What-ever, as my kids might say. If I put the essay in a book, I'll put things like Papaburger back in!

As you know, I have been burning it at both ends lately. It has been a great year for short-form Urrealism: stories in two books in the Nior sereies from Akashic Books, a good poem in the premier issue of New Mexico Poetry Review, this Playboy story, intro to the new edition of Across the Wire, intro to David Taylor's new book of photos. Oh, and INTO THE BEAUTIFUL NORTH.

I was in Boston about two weeks ago, speaking at Bunker Hill Community College. Apparently, they decided I had to come back. So I got up at 4:00 a.m. on Tuesday, caught a cab at 4:30, jumped a plane at 6:00. I was in the school by 10:30, speaking by 11:30, and on a plane back in the afternoon. Taugh the next day. Some kind of record, since I also spoke at Chicago's Columbia College the night before the trip. I am tired.

But I am happy to say that I'm giving this week's generous paycheck to charity. All of it. Pastor Von is gonna get a li'l Christmas suprise, and we are going to invest again this year in Thanksgiving suppers for needy families. And I'm looking at buying livestocvk for poor families in Africa and Latin America. Yo--eggs and milk are on me!

I am grateful for the chance to do something meaningful. Thanks to y'all, who keep reading the books, who keep the institutions, bookstores, universities and city councils interested in having me come. Fairfield, CT and Plainfield, IL have selected Into the Beautiful North as all-city reads. So now we have three books in play--three in the rotation. Going to buy lots of food for lots of kids.

I'm thinking of doing my 2010 touring as the Save The World Tour. Will you join me? See how much good we regular people, we who are not BONO, can do to ease the pain.

It's raining here. Stay warm. I'm thinking of you....
Mr. Soul

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