Save The World Continued
We did our small bit today. It felt good. I thought I'd tell you about it.

We went over to the Feed My Starving Children warehouse. I have mentioned them to you before. I know the Christian trappings of such an organization can alienate some folks, but as you work, they play loud rock and roll music and everybody shouts. So it's not sombre or "holy." You can check them out at

We took our kids, of curse, and the visiting aunt Sue and her 13 year old boys. You work for two hours packaging a scientifically balanced package of food: vegetarian "chicken" powder with flavor & 20 vitamins, freeze-dried veggies, soy, and rice. Each pack contains several meals, and they are measured and weighed carefully as you work. The training takes, oh, 20 minutes.

Fewer bthan 100 strangers gathered, trained and worked. How many meals did we prepare for third world kids? (Haiti, Africa, etc.) By the end of two hours, we had packed 23,544 meals. The value of the food was $4,000.

23,544 meals! In two hours! This means, if you look at it long-term, that 65 children will eat for an entire year. Or hundres will eat for a month. Or thousands for a week. But children will eat.

Check it out. It's fun. It's two hours. And you can keep 23,000 children alive for another day.

They also sell handicrafts, jewelry and art by the women of these villages. Once the women are earning enough money, they can get off the program and feed their kids themselves. The organization does not abandon clients until they are asked to stop once the clients can handle their own needs. So buy a bracelet, or a purse, or some art, or a t-shirt. Or buy the FMSC M&M tube. Once you eat the M&M's, you fill it with quarters and send it back. The tubes pays for 88 meals!

Look, two hours and a mouthful of chocolate can save the world.

There are no small steps.

I'll fill you in on the next event on our Save The World Tour 2010 (we're getting an early jump on it).

I feel good--I knew that I would.
The Hardest Working Man in the Book Business,
The Amazing Mr. Please Please Himself,
The Oddfather of Soul,

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