Thank You, Austin
Got back from Texas Sunday night late. Had to get up and teach the next day. The schedule has been like that for the last few months. I feel bad because I am in such a galloping mode that as soon as I leave a place, I am either preparing a class or rushing to the next place...and I forget the details of the place I've just been! Sometimes, I don't remember where I've just been. And I certainly never know where I'm going.

But Austin was great. Clay and his gang have pulled off yet another wonderful book festival. I was delighted to speak with Barbara Renaud G. and C.M. Mayo and that Vato Loco Jimmy Santiago Baca in the capitol rotunda. Lots of love and goodwill in the room, even though some El Pasoans were there and didn't know if they were happy or mad I'd written my Playboy piece. Dude--it's a LOVE LETTER! Ha ha. Actually, a lot of goodwill all around.

I met some new Urrea cousins there, and cousin Dave Duty (of the Tomas Urrea and Gabriela Cantua family)hung out with me. And Michael Anania, great American poet and the father of our writing program at UIC showed up. That was great. I told them I thought I'd only have three or four books to sign, but I signed books at the tent for over an hour. It was like a surprise party.

Got too much work to do! I'm finishing two art projects for charity, writing the intro for David Taylor, doing a review, doing my class, oh and the eternal Hummingbird II. Got the great good news in TX, though, that I have a story in Ray Gonzalez's new Norton anthology, and I didn't even know it.

I think you get so busy with life that you miss life. It's a conundrum.

OK--on to Miami. After that, I think it's over except for local stuff. We're having fam come for Thanksgiving, and we're making them bundle a million meals for third world children, but they don't know that yet. And when Christmas comes, we are turning off the cell, the computer, the twitter, and getting on a boat and sailing down to mysterious pyramids in dark jungles.

I'll write in my notebooks, though.

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