15 Things I Have Learned From My Trainer
In my faux Navy SEAL TRX torture by our trainer the fabulous Nicki Anderson, I have learned these odd things. About writing. Believe it or not. I call Nicki "The Body Editor." When I open my writing institute, I am going to have her there. I thought these few items about physical training apply handily to the practice of writing.

1. This is a shame-free zone.
2. If you are surrendering to shame, you will not make progess.
3. It is better to do a little than to do nothing.
4. It is better to do a little, right, than to do a lot wrong.
5. What you are lifting is not weight, it is your fear.
6. What you hate to do the most is what you need to work on the most.
7. When your form slips, it is better to stop than to forge on badly.
8. When you get tired, your form slips--take a break.
9. There are two kinds of pain: bad pain and healthy pain. Feeling the burn is good. You need to know when you feel wrong, when the pain feels wrong.
10. Be consistent, but never be punishing.
11. Eat chocolate, just don't eat as much chocolate. (OK, I threw that in to make myself happy!)
12. Live Brightly. (Eat bright colors, eat brown and green, but avoid beige, avoid blanched white...but I can see that in every aspect of daily life.)
13. You are not allowed to hurt yourself.
14. Seek help when you need it: all questions are correct; don't guess when it matters.
15. Dance!

May these silly notes help you when you face that blank, daunting page/screen. I tell you, sometimes the pen is the heaviest set of weights I have ever picked up.

P.S. You can find out more about Nicki -- recently named one of the top trainers in Chicago -- at www.nickianderson.com. She's got a new book out that is really worth your time.

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