The Hummingbird Review
In my many secret lives, I do all kinds of sneaky things. One of those things is to maintain a hidden community/workshop of writers and artists. Out of this working group, a new lit journal has sprung. I am very excited about it, and I hope you will check it out.

It is THE HUMMINGBIRD REVIEW. Yeah, I'm in there. It's published by Charlie Redner and edited by warriors from the group. You can see info online at But the good news is that the electronic journal has gone into print. Yes. I like to hold an object in my hand. And now it's here.

You can get it via,, It's $10 an issue, but a little (humming)bird told me Barnes & Noble has it for $9.

They did good work--I hope you can support them. And writers/poets/artists/photographers--submit to The Hummingbird!

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