Hasta La Vista, Baby
Heading out for Texas tomorrow morning. Crack of dawn. And from Texas to NY the next day BEFORE the crack of dawn. From airport to Fairfield CT for their one-city-one-book event for Into the Beautiful North. Then, pant pant, from there across country to Oregon. Airline won't let me check in early, which means DHS will squint at me and give me a load o' shite this week because I have really weird chains of one-way tickets. I've only been on planes every month since 2004!

So I won't be here to chat with you for a few days. However, we're having a great time over at my Facebook Fan Page. When I get back, I'm going to focus on all questions and comments people put up while I'm on the road. If you want to talk, or want to know anything, go there. I'll be answering next Sunday.

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