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Boo-Boo the cat has figured out that, if she sneaks into our bedroom at 5:45 and starts knocking things off our nightstand--like the phone, the radio--it'll wake us up so we can feed her.

I am getting the first 350 pp. of Hummingbird's Daughter II (I can't find a title I like yet) finished this weekend. I don't like blogs that boast about how nifty the author is, but I rock. I RULE. This is the best prose I have ever been able to write. I'm thankful for that.

Sometimes, you write past your own limit. Does that make sense? Especially if you surrender to the process that I try to embrace (see Lu Chi's WEN-FU, or my own attempts on FB and twitter to explain "eloquent trust"), you find yourself exiting your own zone and entering a zone beyond. I ahve to catch up to the words that sometimes make themselves do stuff I couldn't figure out on my own. I spoke a few posts ago about the discipline of joy; I'd like to amend that to add the discipline of trust. It takes a while. Like learning you can swim.

But...oh no...that 350 pp is the first half. DANG! Help me, somebody! Make me some tea! The trouble with going epic is that, you know, you write A WHOLE NOVEL'S WORTH and then have to get up the next day and write another! I can do it. I've been doing my treadmill and my TRX and my sit-ups and curls.

Also in this process has been my data-mining, trying to get my thousands of pages of source material in some semblance of order. I told my editor I have lost or misplaced enough for a PhD dissertation. And still I have bins of stuff. Folders, boxes, disks, notebooks. Once the book's done, I promise, I am going to make the world's biggest Teresita bibliography available. For all the scholars, MA students, and fellow authors who are sure they can do a better job than I did. (I know you're writing that book, Sandra!)

David Romo and I have kicked around the idea of an annotated bibliography. He has some top secret stuff in El Paso. I have hired assssins to take him out so I can steal his archives. Who knows. I am also thinking of a brief non-fiction book that would talk about all the strange things that happened to me on this hechizero-path. Duende upheavals for sure.

Twenty twenty-five years. Coming to a close soon. I have a pile of other projects. Two books of poetry, a new novel or two, some stories, a YA book, some non-fiction ideas, and I want to publish my drawings. I have twenty years' worth of stuff that wants Teresita to get out of the way. But once that's clear, then what? I have more!

If you saw my posting from Tucson Festival of Books, you saw when the shaman blessed me without a word. That was one of the coolest things ever. I wish I could find him and tell him it's working.

Oh...but he knows.

By the way--U of Illinois named me Distinguished Professor. I am still shocked. As, no doubt, are my colleagues. I told my boss: "You should have named me Distracted Professor."

Back to work. Got a lecture in Chi tomorrow. Off to Yakima on Tuesday.

Thinking of you,

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