Boo-Boo is Evil
Whew. I've been writing like crazy on the Hummingbird sequel. We're close to the first 350 pp being DONE. I cranked out nearly 60 pp today in new stuff and revision. It's so adult. It's so rich. I will confess now that I'm getting excited.

But I'm not here to talk about that right now. I am here to complain about my cat. Boo-Boo. You see, Boo-Boo is evil.

She looks like the black dragon in that 3-D movie. We always knew she had a wicked streak. But the other day, we left a steak out on a platter. hey, she's a small cat. No prob. BUT SHE STOLE THE STEAK. She stole the steak and ATE IT. It was bigger than Boo-Boo.

Now we have realized that Boo has organized a midnight crime syndicate in our house. I don't know where she thinks she's going, but she has targeted one wall of our hallway and is apparently trying to tunnel through it. Boo is making a break for it! Scratching her way into the drywall.

But get this: she has formed a gang with our dogs. They are working in collusion. There were some bits of ham left over in a container. I was going to use them for dog food in the morning. But Boo, master-mind, apparently got up on the counter, opened the container, got the ham and dropped it to the dogs!

Now, what I need to figure out is, what do the dogs owe Boo-Boo? Eh? What heinous debt is she going to collect? What hellish plot have they bought into for four measly slices of ham? us...before it's too late.

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