Nobody says Hola!
In the lovely town of Tres Camarones, the townspeople have a quaint tradition of saying "hello" by saying "goodbye!" In Tres Camarones, you don't say Hola, instead the townspeople greet each other with cries of "Adios!" This is a true tradition in my father's hometown of Rosario, Sinaloa that I've always loved. So I knew I had to use it in my novel, Into the Beautiful North. And as part of The Postcard Ministry, we decided to showcase this little oddity. This is the second postcard in the series. At my readings, we're passing out stamped postcards and hoping you'll send one to a loved one with your own message (odd or not). If you can't make a reading (check the schedule on my events page), email me your address and I'll mail you one when I get home. When was the last time you got a postcard in the mail?

P.S. I took these photos when I was a kid visiting Rosario. This is the view out either side of my bedroom window when I stayed at my uncle's house there.

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