Last chance to vote!
This is Cindy, hijacking Luis's blog before we head out for Squaw Valley in the morning.

Into the Beautiful North is one of three finalists for San Diego's One Book program. Right now, Luis is trailing in the voting, which seems unbelievable for a local boy who's written a book all about San Diego and Tijuana and the people who have most inspired his work. So I'm thinking maybe not everybody knows to vote!

Anybody can vote in this poll, you don't have to live in San Diego. Click here or go to to vote. The voting closes Aug. 9 so you have just a few days left. If you've already voted, it's OK to vote again!

All three books are incredibly worthy selections; KPBS and the San Diego Library did a great job of putting together a list. But we've had so much fun at one-city-one-book reads in other places, that we're really excited about the type of events we could put together if Luis comes home!

Thanks for your help!

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