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Chip Blake and his staff continue to make brilliant art with their magazine, ORION. I am excited to be in the September/October 2010 issue. be sure to pick it up. Not just for my small contribution.

The cover says "Luis Urrea's Border Patrol." (Warning to my Chi-town homeboy, Carl--there's a shout-out to you in there, brother. Well, to your story.) It's not really MY Border Patrol, it's David Taylor's. His powerfukl book of USBP photos, WORKING THE LINE is coming out now. I wrote the text. Hence, the ORION feature.

I am happy to say that I also give big props to my hero, Sheriff Ogden of Yuma.

Look, that's good stuff, but my other Chi homeboy, mad Jon Lowenstein ahs a kille pohot feature as well, and a long story by TC Boyle. Delights on every page. Get it!


While I'm at it, I'd like to direct your attention to THE HUMMINGBIRD REVIEW. A lit journal. Their excellent second issue is on the stands now, or you can look them up on the internet.

HUMMINGBIRD'S DAUGHTER fans have asked me many many times, via this blog, Facebook and Twitter, as well as by that endles stream of emails, to tell 'em some scerets about the mystical/ghostly research-and-experience process of writing that book. And its sequel...coming soon...not telling you the title yet! OK. It's in HUMMINGBIRD REVIEW. It's called "Haunted Arizona." It's a start. Check it out.

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