After an epic summer of Book Tour USA, Family extended adventures in England and France, and the Squaw Valley writers' workshops, I am coming out of my summer hibernation. Man, I got home in time to see Megan off to college, to suffer through another birthday, and to start teaching again. Other than that--nothing. No workouts, not gardening, just a month of stunned vegetating. Oh, yeah--there was that one small thing of writing more of the Hummingbird's Daughter sequel.

This coming weekend, I'll be in Brooklyn, at the Brooklyn book festival. I'll be doing two panels, though both are slated against various super-duper-stars. I won't be mad at ya if I don't see ya!

After that, I'ma head on down to Laredo, and to a local gig, and out to a mysterious event in Santa Fe that I can tell you about after it's over (not open to the public--sorry), and to a week in California in November. That'll be just about the right time to leave Chi for CA, by the way. Stuff like that.

I'll keep you posted.

See you in New York and, oh Lord, don't let the bedbugs bite.

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