The End of '10
"You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck." -- Rumi

The year is ending, and I am finishing the sequel to Hummingbird's Daughter. Yes! Done! And I am about to wander from a few more rooms to a few other rooms. Leaving for the last tour events for 2010. Good God, Y'all! As James Brown was heard to say.

What a year. Anyway, will be sneaking around the west coast doing luncheonas and fab dinners. Sorry, but there are no big public events. Though maybe I'll see you in a hotel lobby or a beanery. I'll be in San Diego, Palm Springs, Newport Beach, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills. While out there, will have a fun time at CBS studios talking to some buds about TV ideas. Why not. Hollywood meetings are a way to waste time and have some laughs.

Back in time to teach class and stagger into Thanksgiving. After that, sleep till Christmas.

See you at Barney's Beanery--I'll be close to the window, eating an omelette.

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