It Is Finished
I never thought I'd get here. The road was long and twisty, full of danger and heart-break. It hjas been 26 years--I have had an entire writing career while on this journey. Got a wife, divorced that wife, met my beloved, married again, got a family, moved all around the country. Yes, Hummingbird's Daughter II, the sequel, is done. the teresita Saga--my version of it--is finished.

Others want to tell it; bless them. Some folks "channel" Teresita; go, baby. I have met several people who "are" Teresita; reincarnation apparently has gone condo--you can subdivide into many new age people; does it come with cable? Curanderas and medicine people often work with Teresita in their healings; I do not doubt them.

Sandra Cisneros has been saying for years that she was going to write a Teresita book of her own. A helpful reviewer says that Teresita was proven by the historical record to be a charlatan and a crook. I have the longest bibliography, I believe, ever accumulated about her and her times. I don't know what historical record the chappie is referring to. But it is no longer my worry.

When I finished the book three days ago, I was simply...stunned. I sat there staring out the window. Not much time to bask (or fester)--I have too many projects left to finish before Christmas. And there are those poems. And those two new novels to write.

But for now, it is finished. I am happy. Hope you will be, too. It'll be available in Fall 2011.

Finally, I did a fun interview this weekend with a sublime little online lit journal. I hope you'll go over there and take a look if you like my stuff.

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