That Was the Year That Was
I'm leaving for Santa Fe soon. I know, I know--I said I was through for the year. But one more human rights event. Then I'll be done for 2010. What a year! Wow. How do you figure out a year where you started on Mayan pyramids and in Guatemalan caves with manatee skeletons stuck in the walls above your head, and book tours, and finishing Hummingbird II, and winning an Edgar Award and being named Distinguished Professor at your day job? Crazy, man. As my surfer buds used to say in San Diego: a for sure blow-mind.

It is becoming a habit to make lists at the end of the year. A habit for me, at least. I usually post all my travel dates. Fans seem to like to see what I'm listening to on ye olde iPod. Some fans like to know what poetry I'm reading. I can't even begin to remember the books I read this year.

So as a wrap-up of this year, and a start to the Urrealist list-making season, I offer you the itinerary for 2010. I don't know what 2011 will hold. But I know it'll end with the book tour for Hummingbird II. (Title forthcoming soon.)


New Orleans, Quintana Roo, Guatemala, Belize, Cozumel.
Chicago Book Group
Joliet Public Library, IL
Kennedy Jr High Faculty Reading Group, IL
Joliet Book Event, IL
Phoenix, AZ
Illinois Bilingual Ed Convention, Naperville


DePaul LAS Event, IL
Tucson Festival of the Book, AZ
UTexas PA
Fairfield CT One City One Book Events
Portland OR


Closing Event, Plainfield IL
Yakima, WA


Event w Dave Eggers for Ragdale, IL
Glen Ellyn Book Event, IL
Albuquerque, NM


BOOK TOUR/B North Paperback:
June 15, Rockport, MA; June 16, So. Hadley, MA; June 17, Portsmouth, NH;
June 19th, Northshire Books, VT; June 21, Cambridge, MA; June 22, Dallas, then Houston,
TX; June 23, Austin, TX; June 24, San Antonio, TX; June 25, Marfa then Alpine, TX;
June 27, Santa Fe, NM; June 28, Albuquerque, NM; June 29, Denver, CO; July 1, Washington DC.


Reading, Mr. B's Emporium, Bath
Squaw Valley, CA


Squaw Valley, cont.


Brooklyn Book Festival
Laredo, TX, One Book One City events


North Carolina
Sacramento State, CA
Jeff Bezos Campfire Event, Santa Fe, NM


Northern Trust West Coast Lecture Tour:
La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Palm Springs, Newport Beach, Las Vegas,
Santa barbara, Beverly Hills
David Taylor Book launch, Chicago


Santa Fe

Keepin' busy.

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